The Importance Of An Accident Lawyer

Accidents are an unpleasant reality for millions of Americans every year, often resulting in serious injury and death for affected motorists. While accidents themselves are a terrible experience, the arduous process of submitting claims and working with insurance companies in the aftermath of an accident can be a nightmare as well. For many motorists involved in an accident, an accident lawyer is the best option. RiderzLaw, a motorcycle accident firm servicing residents in California, has had great success in providing financial settlements for their clients.

Role of an Accident Lawyer

It is important to remember that all insurance companies employ teams of lawyers to carefully investigate all facets of an accident. If there is any question or problem with a claim, they will find it. Even a motorist’s own insurance company ultimately is running a for-profit business and will not always have their best interests at heart. A good accident lawyer will always work to find the best possible financial deal or settlement to benefit their client.

Evidence Collection

Finding enough evidence to prove liability is not an easy task. While taking pictures of the scene can be a huge help, having an accident lawyer directly observe the scene of the accident can be even more valuable. Lawyers are experts at collecting all pertinent information including accident reports to prove liability, as well as speaking with police officers and witnesses to the crash. Accident lawyers will also assist in obtaining all information about any injuries sustained by their client to help formulate any damages in a claim. Collecting medical records can be difficult as many doctor’s offices are very busy, and most have very strict guidelines about providing medical information. Accident lawyers are better equipped to obtain and organize all necessary medical information than most clients would be able to.

Negotiating Liens and Settlements

Motorists that receive benefits from certain types of insurers such as disability or worker’s compensation will be subject to a lien, meaning that the insurer will receive payment before the motorist will. Accident lawyers are experts in working with these insurers to reduce the amount of the lien claim on a client. Ultimately, negotiating the final settlement, the most important part of the accident process, is a very difficult task. Many motorists who are injured desperately need financial compensation, and sometimes the slightest negotiating tool can reap the biggest rewards. Most ordinary individuals do not possess the negotiating skills of a lawyer to receive the settlement they need.

How RiderzLaw can help

With a 99% success rating and over $100 million in total compensation awarded, has had great success in helping motorcyclists involved in accidents receive generous financial settlements. RiderzLaw only bills their clients if they are can receive money from settlements, and provide free consultations for all new cases. Because the attorneys at RiderzLaw are avid motorcyclists themselves, they can better understand and provide top quality service to their clients. Finally, unlike many other law firms dealing with accident damages, the attorneys at RiderzLaw will also assist in negotiating medical bills and payments to insurance companies.