Sol Dental Care: El Paso Specialists

When it comes to routine dental care and general dentistry, you can visit any local dentist, right? Sure, but you are going to receive just standard level of care in these cases. Instead of choosing the office based on the cheapest price, or an office that offers general dentistry care, you want to take your time to find out about the best local dentist office in El Paso. At Sol Dental Care, we are going to deliver the highest standards of care, because we have the top dental specialists in the area to perform that care for all of our patients. 

We specialize

With dental implants, you want to go to a specialist who has that experience. One who knows what is involved in fitting an implant, aligning it, and properly making it work with the rest of your mouth and natural teeth. Or, with invisalign, you want to go to a dental office that has a team of orthodontic professionals to work with you. They should use the latest software to show you progressive treatment plans and what they entail. How your teeth will move throughout the process. And, display images of how the treatment will unfold over the next series of months. 

And, the same goes with all types of specialized care. In our Sol Dental Care office, we have 

  • Orthodontic specialists
  • Whitening and cleaning specialists
  • Cosmetic surgeons
  • General dentists
  • Hygienists
  • Oral surgeons

No matter what type of care or specialized dental treatment plan you need us to custom tailor for you, we have a dedicated team in place to ensure the highest standards of care and dental treatment are achieved. And, if you have young kids in the family, we also have pediatric dentists on staff to do the dental work on them. 

What else do we offer? We can see you on the weekends and we also do emergency care visits. So, you do not have to come in and take the day off work, if you simply can’t afford to do so. We have weekend hours to accommodate all of our patients in our El Paso offices. 

If you want to learn more about our practice, discuss a treatment plan, or if you have to come in immediately for a dental emergency, do not hesitate to turn to our team at Sol Dental Care, for the best care, and guaranteed dental services that we provide to our patients in office.