Makes Sure Your Employees Are The Best And Consider Doing Background Checks

We’ve all been fooled by a smooth talker at some point in our lives. We’re only human. When hiring a new employee, you need to resist the urge to fall in love with a charmer before you conduct an applicant background check designed to safeguard your organization’s assets, reputation, and employees.

Criminal History Review

One of the most important things you need to know about any prospective employee is whether they have a criminal history. Granted, there are minor offenses that may not make a difference to hiring managers, but there are other serious crimes committed that could put your company at risk. TransUnion Shareable reports that about 25 percent of background checks contain criminal behavior. Now you know that being paranoid is a good thing.

While a marijuana possession from 25 years earlier for a 45-year-old accountant may not be a major concern for hiring managers, a theft conviction would certainly impact a hiring manager’s consideration of that particular bean counter. Many companies draw a definite line between felonies and misdemeanors.

Even misdemeanor charges may be relevant information. One good example of a scenario where this would matter might be for a person with a history of multiple Driving Under the Influence misdemeanor charges who is applying for a driver position. Questions about the safety of the public and your company vehicle would most certainly come to mind.

Verification of Identity, Work Experience, and Education suggests that the only way a company can verify an applicant’s work history and education is by conducting an applicant background check. We have all heard stories about applicants using a bogus resume with bald-faced lies in print designed to get the job. Before hiring an unqualified and incompetent person who will be in a position to compromise your company, it makes much more sense to verify that they have the necessary experience.

You can’t be too careful when it is time to extend an offer to a new employee. Background checks can identify the posers who talk a good game without any real experience to back it up. We’ve all met people who embellish so it is good to know upfront who these people are.

Credit Checks Reflect Financial Stability

Credit checks are helpful for determining how responsible an employee is with their own finances. In certain positions where the money is being managed, this information is important. Poor credit scores may not matter for many jobs, but it can definitely provide critical insights into a person’s strengths and weaknesses.


TransUnion Shareable cites a CareerBuilder survey that reported that a bad hire has negatively impacted about 27 percent of employees costing them more than $50,000. With these types of statistics available, it is clear that smart employers must be careful about who they hire. Background checks are the safest way to get facts about a potential employee’s work experience, criminal history, and credit report.

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When It’s Time To Submit Your College Application Make Sure Its The Best With These Helpful Tips

Millions of people apply to American colleges and universities each year. Their most challenging task is to make themselves stand out above the crowd in order to be noticed and accepted into the ranks of the incoming class. Exactly how can you go about using your college application to distinguish yourself from everyone else?


Your application and the compelling, unique and personal essay that accompanies it must not be slapdash, randomly thrown together accumulations of data to be completed at the last minute. Begin thinking about what makes you different and unique months before the deadline. Talk to your parents, relatives and friends, and jot ideas and thoughts down so that they can percolate. A winning application will be clear, well-organized and subtly different from all others. You will not accomplish any of these qualities if you adopt the cramming mentality.


Your application is the small but comprehensive package that contains your unique story. Admissions staff will only spend a few minutes with it, so make sure every word, phrase and image is compelling and shares aspects of your background, personality and assets that the reader can understand. Your goal is to communicate the many special characteristics you can bring to their campus, not the other way around.


Although you will probably write one essay that you send parts of to all of your top colleges, do research on each, and tailor your applications accordingly. Admissions staff want to know why you are specifically interested in going to their particular institution, so be sure to subtly weave any information you have gained from campus visits or personal interactions with professors or coaches into your application.


Most colleges have a huge pool of prospective students from which to choose, and they want the ones who are most likely to excel. The best predictor of who those people will be is what they have done in the past, and the only way admissions staff will obtain this information is via your application. To that end, share with them the causes or hobbies you are passionate about, and don’t be shy. If you started a club, organized an event, wrote a book or founded your own business, this is the time to tell the people who can help to shape your future all about it.


If all of this seems overwhelming and impossible, know that you are not alone and that many of the most successful college students found themselves in the same position at one time. Instead of giving up on your dreams because the application process seems too daunting, talk to a college application consulting service. These professional companies stake their reputations on the success of their clients; therefore, they are highly qualified and motivated to help you succeed.

Think of getting into college as a long flight of stairs. At the bottom is your set of skills, experiences and accomplishments that you hone and enhance with each step.

By the time you reach the top, you are ready to use your application as your personal messenger to the educational institutions of your choice. A college application consulting company can help you prioritize tasks, identify your strengths and make them known in the most compelling way.
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