How Does A Hard Money Loan Work

A hard money loan is a type of mortgage loan used to buy real estate properties. It is usually offered by private money lenders, individuals, and companies like

The following section provides you a brief overview of hard money loans work. It describes its structure, interest rates, key aspects, and down payment.

1. Structure of hard money loan.

Lenders of hard money not regulated by federal reserve any other loan creditors. The rate of interest, loan terms, fees procedure vary from lender to lender. You need to research these aspects, applicable rules and regulations before you choose a lender for a hard money loan.

2. Loan terms.

Usually, hard money loans hard short term loans the payback period of 6 months. This gives the investor enough time to renovate and sell the property for a profit.

The terms of hard money loans can range from few months to few years. These loans are most beneficial to investors when used for a short term. Investors need to repay the loan in full at the end of the term. A lender can take over the property if the investors fail to repay the loan or defaults the payment.

3. Loan interest rates.

Most of the hard money loans have high-interest rates around 7 to 15%. This is almost double triple than the conventional mortgage in a bank. Since a real estate investment has high risks for lenders. Interest rates are usually high.

4. Fees for the loan.

Hard money lenders charge an origination fee to cover costs. It includes costs for loan initiation, administrative cost, charges, and other expenses to process the loan. These charges are paid by the borrower when the loan is initiated.

5. Down payments.

Lenders of hard money loans require borrowers to pay some money as a down payment. These down payments can vary among different lenders. It is usually 10% of the property value.

6. When to a hard money loan.

Hard money loans are a great opportunity for first-time flippers. They are also suitable for investors with bad credit or no income proof to submit.

These loans are availed by investors who need to raise quick money or when their money is tied up elsewhere. They also help investors who have been denied any loans by a bank.

The California Hard Money Direct provides fast and reliable hard money loans. We have a simple and quick loan process for hard loans. We have served many investors in the past with our easy to access hard money loans. You can reach us with a single phone call at 310-736-1576 or fill out an online request form at our official website,… Read the rest

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What To Look For When Buying Sunglasses

You don’t have to compromise when it comes to buying a pair of sunglasses for small faced men or buy a cheap pair of frames from an unknown manufacturer you’ve never heard of, just because it’s the only thing that suits your face size. When selecting your sunglasses, your face size and shape is going to impact the frames and lenses you choose. So, what should you look for when buying a pair of sunglasses?

Frame sizes

Many manufacturers that sell sunglasses for small faced men offer different size options. Companies like

  • Oakley
  • Rayban
  • Persol, and Costa, make frames in small and XS sizes.

When selecting your new pair of sunglasses, it’s important to make sure they’ll fit your face, and that they aren’t going to look too large for your facial features. So, compare manufacturers, and frames, that fit your face size and dimensions well.

Narrow is the best approach

If you have a narrow face, it’s typically going to fall between 110 mm and 125 mm. Therefore, you’re going to want narrow frames as well Every manufacturer has a different definition of “narrow”. However, you should go for a pair of frames between 115 mm and 129 mm to help accentuate your narrower jawline and facial features.

Short is in

When you have a smaller face and features, you want to go with a shorter frame, as opposed to something tall and clunky. An aviator or oversized frame is not very flattering when it covers your entire face. You have to find something that’s suited to your eyes, your narrow and shorter facial features, and works well with the entirety of your face.

What’s the best alternative for men with small faces?

There’s no single set of sunglasses or frames that are going to work perfectly for every individual who has a short or smaller face. For men who are shopping for new sunglasses for small faced men, don’t compromise. There are several great varieties out there, and you can find them from some of the biggest manufacturers in sunglasses out there. It’s a matter of trying out a few pairs before you settle on the right fit. Before you buy

  1. Try out multiple pairs of sunglasses
  2. Keep narrow and short at the forefront of your purchase process
  3. Try different brands
  4. Mix and match colors and materials

Ultimately, you’ll find the best pair of sunglasses when you try out several pairs. These are some characteristics to keep in mind when you’re comparing different fits/sizes, for your smaller facial features.… Read the rest

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Sol Dental Care: El Paso Specialists

When it comes to routine dental care and general dentistry, you can visit any local dentist, right? Sure, but you are going to receive just standard level of care in these cases. Instead of choosing the office based on the cheapest price, or an office that offers general dentistry care, you want to take your time to find out about the best local dentist office in El Paso. At Sol Dental Care, we are going to deliver the highest standards of care, because we have the top dental specialists in the area to perform that care for all of our patients. 

We specialize

With dental implants, you want to go to a specialist who has that experience. One who knows what is involved in fitting an implant, aligning it, and properly making it work with the rest of your mouth and natural teeth. Or, with invisalign, you want to go to a dental office that has a team of orthodontic professionals to work with you. They should use the latest software to show you progressive treatment plans and what they entail. How your teeth will move throughout the process. And, display images of how the treatment will unfold over the next series of months. 

And, the same goes with all types of specialized care. In our Sol Dental Care office, we have 

  • Orthodontic specialists
  • Whitening and cleaning specialists
  • Cosmetic surgeons
  • General dentists
  • Hygienists
  • Oral surgeons

No matter what type of care or specialized dental treatment plan you need us to custom tailor for you, we have a dedicated team in place to ensure the highest standards of care and dental treatment are achieved. And, if you have young kids in the family, we also have pediatric dentists on staff to do the dental work on them. 

What else do we offer? We can see you on the weekends and we also do emergency care visits. So, you do not have to come in and take the day off work, if you simply can’t afford to do so. We have weekend hours to accommodate all of our patients in our El Paso offices. 

If you want to learn more about our practice, discuss a treatment plan, or if you have to come in immediately for a dental emergency, do not hesitate to turn to our team at Sol Dental Care, for the best care, and guaranteed dental services that we provide to our patients in office. … Read the rest

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If You’re Dealing With Family Troubles Make Sure To Find A Expert Family Law Firm

Family law is a branch of civil law that deals with matters involving child support, marriage, adoption, divorce, and guardianship. This means that if you want to file for a divorce or child adoption then a family attorney will come in handy. Today there are so many family law firms and they all claim to render quality services to their clients. However, the harsh truth is that not all of them offer quality services as they claim. Below, we are going to tell you how to find a good family law firm.

1. Choose a reputable law firm that has specialized in family law

There are many family law firms out there. However, very few firms have specialized in family law. If you want to get quality services from a family law firm, then you should choose one that has specialized in family law. This way, you will be sure that you have indeed hired a professional firm that is experienced in handling complex family matters. For instance, Beatrice and snider APC (BLSAPC) is 100% family law firm that committed to handling complex family cases. Since its inception, BLSAPC has helped many clients in San Diego.

2. Read reviews

Before you make your final decision, take your time and read what past and current clients are saying about the law firm. A reputable family law firm needs to enjoy good reviews from past clients. If you notice that past clients happy and saying good things about the law firm, then you should consider choosing it because you may also be impressed with the services that they offer. If their past clients are indeed not impressed then you should search another law firm because chances are that you will also get disappointed. Only choose a family law firm that has good customer reviews are rating. One thing that we can confidently say about BLSAPC is that our clients love us and that is why they have many positive things to say about us.

3. Consider the success rate

This is a very important factor that many people usually overlook when searching for a family law firm in San Diego, California. The truth is that there are family law firms that are only interested in making huge profits at the expense of their clients and there are those that are committed to protecting the interest of their clients. The best way to know if a family law firm has what it takes to help your family handle complex family cases is by checking its success rate. The higher the success rate, the higher the chances of getting satisfactory services. Experts advise that you should only choose a family law firm that has an average success rate of more than 95%.… Read the rest

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Is Cremating The Best Thing To Do Or Should I Do A Traditional Burial?

The ever-increasing popularity of funeral cremation San Bernardino can partly be attributed to the rising cost of the traditional in-ground burials. What’s more, many cultures and religions are more accepting of funeral cremation. Even though everyone seems to be opting for cremation, the choice isn’t so easy. Your personal religious and cultural beliefs, values, and finances should ideally guide your decision.

Decide Whether Cremation Is For You

The decision to choose cremation is a personal choice. It is worth noting that the decision is guided by numerous factors among which are financial considerations, culture, and religious practices. Therefore, consider the options available for you and bear in mind the factors discussed below.

Consider What Your Religion Says

For many, the tenets of their religious beliefs guide the decision-making process. Note that positions tend to vary in different sects and denominations. For some religions, cremation is forbidden while for others it remains a preferred method. Despite this, many families let individuals decide. If you need help determining whether cremation is right for you, it is advisable that you consult your priest, pastor, or spiritual leader.

The Cost Factor

Cremation is significantly less costly when compared to in-ground burial. Even so, it is important that you take into consideration the complete costs of the memorial or funeral ceremony you prefer when doing a cost comparison. As you shop around for providers of cremation San Bernardino, you should bear in mind that prices vary from one provider to the next. The portfolio of cremation services you select plays a big role in the overall cost.

Cremation Services: What are the options available for you?

Contrary to popular belief, when you settle for cremation as opposed to in-ground burial, you can actually have a normal funeral. In fact, the option of cremating presents you with more options for memorializing your loved one. Here are a few ways to honor yourself or your loved one.

  A funeral ceremony with the option of viewing and a cremation afterward

  A funeral with no viewing and a cremation

  Memorial service held at an outdoor venue

  Memorializing through a service held at a funeral home immediately followed by the interment of ashes

  Scattering the cremated remains of the departed at a location that had significant meaning to him or her

It is evident from above that you have plenty of options to memorialize your loved one. Consequently, prior planning of the funeral ceremony becomes even more important. When considering cremation San Bernardino, the cost implications are determined to a greater extent by the kind of funeral service.… Read the rest

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You have probably known for a while that accepting credit card payments would be beneficial for your small business. Most store owners find that it increases sales, boosts loyalty and brings more customers through their doors. Going from knowing these advantages and actually taking plastic is not as hard as you think.

Do Your Research

It probably goes without saying, but adding this feature to your business is a process that should be very intentional. In other words, you should not pick the first random company you find online. Perhaps your most important job is to determine what your business needs. Is your particular customer base apt to provide you with a high, moderate or modest volume of monthly credit card transactions? Will you be doing all of your payments in person at your physical store, or will some take place over the phone or via online e-commerce transactions? Does your business lend itself to a stationary countertop credit card terminal, or would you be better served by a mobile card reader that works in conjunction with a tablet or smartphone? 

Once you have arrived at solid answers to these questions, you will be better equipped to choose your merchant account provider. This is the company that will administer the bank account that makes it possible for you to accept credit card payments and fronts you the money – minus fees – rapidly so that you can keep your cash flowing.

Many merchant account providers also sell or lease the point-of-sale (POS) hardware and software you will need in order to make these transactions. As you research various merchant account providers, take careful note of all fees they expect you to pay, and make sure the POS equipment they provide will work well with the third-party software you may already use for tasks such as accounting and inventory management.

If you plan to do business online, you will need to set up a payment gateway. This is your online POS that enables your customers to securely enter their credit card information from their personal computer or mobile phone. In many cases, you can use the same merchant account for your e-commerce side. Be sure to ask your provider if this is possible.

Understand Fees

There is not one set fee that every business pays to accept credit and debit cards. These charges vary widely according to the type of business you own, the merchant account provider you choose, your customer’s credit card company and how you collect the payments. The following is a sample of some of the fees you may pay:

  • Flat per transaction fee
  • Fixed percentage of the sale
  • Initial setup fees
  • Monthly, quarterly and/or annual fees
  • Purchase or rental fees for your credit card terminal and other equipment.

Although some of these fees are set by the credit card companies, others vary and may be negotiable. For that reason, it is vital that you select several viable options and carefully examine all documentation and contracts before making a commitment to the best one.

Once you understand your various options and your rights and responsibilities as a merchant, you can begin to accept credit cards. Once you do, your business will run more smoothly and your customers will be happier. Best of all, you will probably see increased sales and enhanced credibility for your store. In the end, everyone wins.
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